Journeyz x LSR/CITY

Journeyz x LSR/CITY

A Symphony of Wellness


Join us on a transformative journey where the pulsating heart of EDM converges with the soul-nurturing essence of wellness. Journeyz is proudly the headline sponsor of the electrifying LSR/CITY v3 tour by the legendary Gareth Emery. This collaboration isn’t just a fusion of sounds, lights, and supplements; it’s a testament to our shared ethos – a celebration of life, music, and health.

A Harmonious Collaboration:

As the LSR/CITY v3 tour embarks to set stages ablaze across North America, Journeyz is there every step of the way. Our Cosmic Care Package is your backstage pass to thriving amidst the euphoria of EDM.

Inside the Cosmic Care Package:

The Cosmic Care Package, a symphony of wellness, features two of our flagship products:

  • Stellar Surge: Your pre-show ally, infusing your body with energy, focus, and vitality to dance through the night.
  • Afterglow Accelerator: Your post-show savior, designed to rejuvenate and restore, preparing you for life’s next adventure.
Special Tour Offer:

In celebration of our journey with LSR/CITY v3, we’re offering the Cosmic Care Package (Complete Rave Bundle) at an exclusive tour price of $15. Use the code LSRCITY2024 at checkout for your stellar discount, and let the rhythm of wellness pulsate through your tour experience.

Embrace the Journeyz Experience:

This collaboration goes beyond the music. It’s about embracing every moment, every dance, every rhythm with vitality and vigor. Our co-founders, Steve and Wendy Zenone, embody the spirit of the EDM community – their vision for Journeyz is a testament to a lifestyle where every rave and every rest is an opportunity for growth and rejuvenation.


As the LSR/CITY v3 tour unfolds, let the Cosmic Care Package be your rhythm of wellness. Elevate your rave experience with Journeyz by your side. This isn’t just a tour; it’s a journey – your journey, amplified by health, passion, and an unforgettable experience.

Step into the rhythm of wellness with Journeyz. Secure your Cosmic Care Package and embrace the LSR/CITY v3 tour with energy, passion, and health. #TakeYourJourneyz #LSRCITY2024 #CosmicCarePackage

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